How it works

Adventure made easy

Our window pop-in makes it effortless to detach your Smart Tent from your Tesla so you can quickly and smoothly embark on your next adventure. When you’re ready to return, simply reattach the pop-in, and you’re good to go!

  • No more fumbling with complicated setup and takedown procedures. 
  • With the Smart Tent, you can be out exploring in no time.
  • Order your Smart Tent today and start living your best life on the road!
Our innovative E-Tent attaches to any Tesla's driver window, powering air conditioning with the car's AC unit. Lightweight, easy to set up, and suitable for various camping environments, it's made of durable, waterproof material. The spacious interior comfortably fits two people and includes a built-in power outlet for charging devices while camping.

The Coolest Way to Camp

Imagine enjoying the coolness and comfort of air conditioning while camping in the great outdoors. With the Smart Tent, it’s possible! Our patent-pending technology allows you to connect your Smart Tent directly to your Tesla’s AC unit so you can enjoy air conditioning all day and night long.

This is a game-changer for campers, especially those who enjoy camping in hot climates. With the Smart Tent, you can finally say goodbye to sticky nights and humid days. So what are you waiting for? Order your Smart Tent today and start enjoying the ultimate in camping comfort!