Our innovative E-Tent attaches to any Tesla's driver window, powering air conditioning with the car's AC unit. Lightweight, easy to set up, and suitable for various camping environments, it's made of durable, waterproof material. The spacious interior comfortably fits two people and includes a built-in power outlet for charging devices while camping.

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Smart Tent: The Future of Camping

The Smart Tent is the perfect solution for those who love the outdoors but want to maintain comfort. It’s compatible with all Tesla models, so you can easily bring it with you on your next camping trip, road trip, or off-the-grid adventure.

In just 15 minutes, you can set up your Smart Tent and create a cozy haven for up to six people. Once you’re settled in, you can step outside and start exploring. Whether you want to hike through the mountains, go fishing, or relax and stargaze, the Smart Tent is the perfect base camp for your adventures.

Quick and easy to set up!

The Smart Tent is the perfect camping tent for groups of up to six people. With its spacious interior and durable construction, the Smart Tent offers reliable protection from the elements, making it the ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned campers alike.

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  • Smart Tent:

    Get ready for camping like never before with the Smart Tent! This bad boy is a 10x10 foot pop-up tent that laughs in the face of complicated setups – 10 minutes, solo, done! Attach it to a 10x10 foot straight leg canopy, and boom, you've got yourself a sprawling camping fortress. But wait, there's more! The Smart Tent comes with an entry specifically designed for our smart duct, bringing the cool breeze of your Tesla car's AC right into your tent. Camping just got a serious upgrade.

  • Window pop-in:

    Keep water out with our pop-in window. This window accessory is all about practicality. Slip it into your Tesla driver window, slam the door, and voila – a secure, waterproof connection. No frills, just functionality. Keep the elements out and enjoy a hassle-free camping experience like never before!

  • Smart Duct:

    The Smart Duct is the practical link between the window Pop-In and the Smart Tent. It seamlessly connects to the Tesla air conditioning vent, providing a continuous flow of cool or hot air into your tent – camping comfort simplified.

  • Smart Tent base: 

    Introducing the foundation of your camping haven – the 10x10 foot canopy, the base of the Smart Tent. This sturdy and spacious canopy provides the perfect starting point for your outdoor retreat, offering a solid structure for the Smart Tent to clip onto, creating a comfortable and versatile camping setup.

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